Monday, October 24, 2011

Nina's Niche

In 1869 people found gold in Julian, California.
Today they find treasures of the heart.
That’s the setting for my new trilogy. NINA’S NICHE, the first book, will debut November first. So I want to welcome you to the world of Julian, California, or at least the Julian where my stories take place. I’ve changed the main street a little so Carol and Nina can run the Julian Junque Shoppe the way I want them to. That’s one reason being an author is so much fun. If I want Carol to sell Double Dutch Chocolate ice cream, she sells it alongside the antiques Carol views as treasures and the flowers Nina loves to arrange.
Every town’s flavor really depends on the people who live there Julian is no exception. The daughter and nephew of the Julian Hotel’s proprietor were raising money for a trip to Washington, D. C. Two walkers took pity on a lowlander and helped me find the elementary school after I mistook the library for a school.
In my Julian, the people shape the town, too. Nina’s father, the pastor of a church I’ve placed in the middle of the town, starts out more concerned for his flock than his family, but learns to bend like we all do in real life. That’s what I like to do in my stories—combine fiction and real life. I hope you will enjoy learning about the hidden gem of Julian where the snow piles up in winter, the daffodils burst with color in spring, the sun brings lazy days in summer and the apples ripen in the fall.
Let me know what you’d like to learn about the hidden gem of Julian. JACKIE