Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The full moon hovered over the waves. White froth ruffles decorated the incoming surge. A perfect day to meet my Mermaid Muse.
The tide was in so Mermie (She said I could call her that.) had gone to play with the dolphins. I have to time it exactly right to see her. If the tide is out, I only see the traces of her long hair where she slept. If the tide is in—well, I already covered that. But if the tide is just starting to come in there’s a moment when she wakes and slides into the water. If I catch her then, she loves to tell me her adventures, her ideas, her dreams.
Mermie brought me the idea for FIRST IMPRESSIONS, my short story up at Buroughs Publishing and Amazon where the heroine loves the beach and the hero loves her scanty attire. (Of course Mermie thinks even the small amount of clothing Dani wears is superfluous. I keep telling her we girls don’t have beautiful scales to cover our bottoms, so we have to improvise.)
The tide is about to go out, so I have to leave you and try to catch Mermie. She wants to be the heroine of her own story so I need to talk to her about what kind of hero she’d like to have—tall, dark and handsome or blond with broad shoulders or a red-headed devil?
I’ll let you know.

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